Cement Price Increases By Collecting Documentation

Secretary of the Cement Industry Employers Association said, according to the price of cement in the current situation is very low, based on expert review of the need to protect the cement production in 1394 increased by 17 percent the price.

A.R Shaykhan said that although the rise in prices of products in order is not to attract investment to this industry, to increase investment in the cement industry to increase the price gains for investors to bring new capital into the sector, but Cement prices increased 17 percent in the current situation based on the master's decision in 1394 only for the production of cement to cement companies to stand on their feet.

He pointed out that the pricing has changed in the new year, said cement prices in the new year after the review expert of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade Ministry's proposal and then approved by the Executive Committee to be notified to the market.

Emphasizing that this price increase will have an impact on the demand for cement, said cement prices are currently very low, which is why the price increase will not have much impact on it.

The other hand, given that the market remains in recession tend to export producers have had since the export price of cement at domestic market and exported to foreign markets is based riyals to the dollar.