Iran’s world 4th rank in producing cement and 9th rank of producing iron stone

Mine World- the world's place in four strategic industries (crude steel, cement, iron ore and aluminum) in the years 2010 to 2014 by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced. The top of cement production in the mining industries in the world, so that our country stands fourth in the production of this material. Also in the production of iron ore and steel in the ninth and fourteenth respectively were used.

The mining world, according to statistics released by the ministry last year crude steel production in the country grew by 7/5 percent compared to the previous year and cement production experience growth this year with 2/4 percent was accompanied but due to a drop in domestic demand and foreign iron ore production decreasing trend during this period so that in 2014 the industrial production registered a negative growth of 10 percent. On the other hand the production of aluminum last year in the list of declared position is still unclear why this product has not been published in 2014.
TOP cement
Cement production also shows that last year China more than half of global production and provided so that the share of 8/59 percent was recorded in cement production. India as the second largest producer of cement in 2014, has its own share of the country's however many differences with China, for its part 7/6 percent was recorded. America holds third place among the cement manufacturers, the share of the country last year was equal to 2%. But fourth place among the cement manufacturers dedicated to Iran and Iran's share is equal to 8/1 percent. According to statistics in 2010, 25% of cement production in 2011 of 22%, in 2012 the growth of 8/14 percent in 2013, growth of 9/2 percent in 2014, growth two quarters has experienced.
Top iron ore
The production of iron ore last year also shows that China's largest producers of Iran has allocated to the ninth position. According to the Chinese iron ore producers declared share of total world production last year was equal to 46/6 percent and Australia in this sector with a share 5/20 percent in the second, but Brazil with a share of 9/9 percent won third place worldwide. But Iranian producers with production of 45 million tonnes of iron ore and 10 per cent negative growth could contribute to 4/1 percent of total production in the world's iron ore and are in ninth position. 2013 iron ore producers in the country grew 35 percent and 32 percent growth in 2012 was recorded in the records of its production.
Top Steel
China ranks first among the world's producers of crude steel at its disposal. For the country of 3/50 percent of world crude steel production last year was registered with the situation say about half of the global market at its disposal. Second place in a landslide to China to Japan so that the share of its global production of crude steel in 2014 is equal to 8/6 percent. But America with a share of 4/5 percent crude steel production in the third place won last year. Iran's share is equal to one per cent last year and the circumstances in this year won the fourth rank. In 2010, 10 percent, in 2011 the growth of 7/8 percent in 2012. Growth 2/11 percent in 2013, growth of 4/6 percent in 2014, growth of 7/5 percent in crude steel production has recorded.
TOP aluminum
Failure to declare a state of production of aluminum last year has made Iran's position among the manufacturers of this product is unknown. But at the same time, our industry contributes half a percent in the production of aluminum ingots. However, according to statistics announced by China with a share of 6 /aluminum and contribute to Canada accounted for 6 percent of the country have been registered.

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