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Sepehr Cement is located in Fars province, at an approximate distance of two hundred kilometers from the Persian Gulf.

The plant is surrounded by High quality mines including alluvium, limestone and marl that are as close as Just one kilometer away.

The high grade of  raw materials is proper to produce cement  types 1 and 2 without any additive . The installed machinery benefit from the latest technology in the world , which increase efficiency and lower the overtime costs. The factory's Proximity to Persian Gulf and its location near populated and growing cities make for a Thriving and live market for the products.
In Excerpt, the most advantages of Sepehr Cement Company are:

  • Local experts and local skilled labor,
  • Proximity to main roads and highways,
  • Proximity to the ports of Persian Gulf,
  • Proximity to oil and gas resources of Iran (30 oil and gas deep wells surround the plant),
  • Proximity to the petrochemical and refinery potential projects.

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head Office Shiraz-Iran

Head Office: Sepehr Bldg. Next to Sanaye' crossway- Mirzaye Shirazi Blvd. Shiraz- Iran

Postal Code: 71889-74859

Tel: +98 (71) 3635 9287-90

Factory Ghir-Fars-Iran

Factory: 17th Kilometer Ghirokarzin-Jahrom Road- Fars- Iran